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NEWS: Brussels airport $50m diamond haul was ‘one of biggest ever’

A huge haul of diamonds, valued at around $50m, was stolen during a daring and well-planned raid at Brussels airport on Monday night.

Disguised as police, armed robbers broke through part of the airport fencing, drove up to a Zurich-bound plane and removed around 120 packages of rough and polished diamonds that had been loaded onto the aircraft.

It was all over in minutes and the robbers escaped back through the fence. No-one was injured.

The diamonds were being transported from Antwerp, the world’s diamond trading hub, to Zurich in Switzerland. According to a spokesperson at the Antwerp World Diamond Centre Monday’s robbery was ‘one of the biggest ever’.

Over 100m euros’ of diamonds move in and out of Antwerp daily and the city has developed a reputation as a secure and discreet diamond centre over many years.

Watch the BBC video report.