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Want to know your ring size?

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When shopping for rings, especially if you are buying online, it’s useful to know your ring size in advance. The Jewellery Channel (Channel 650 on the Sky TV guide) has produced a free downloadable ring size guide which I’m posting here.

It’s very easy to use: just print out the pdf and place one of your rings over the circles until you find a size match. The letter shown in the circle is your ring size.

If anyone fancies buying me a nice ring, I’m a size L. Unfortunately, The Jewellery Channel has a standard size for Women’s rings (size O) and I’ve been told by my local jeweller that rings can only usually be downsized by two sizes. That’s probably a good thing as TJC has loads of lovely rings at very good prices and I would probably spend a fortune if I had bigger fingers.

More on The Jewellery Channel another time as I’ve bought lots of good things from them and always had a positive experience.

Download the Ring Guide here.


One thought on “Want to know your ring size?

  1. Well done for getting the blog up and running. The colours are wonderful with the corresponding text.

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